Basic methods of GNSS/GPS setup or measurement


As we know a typical GPS setup needs a base and rover. The Base is setup in the known control point and the rover used for the surveys. Leica GS 15 GPS is taken as example in this post. It can be set up in 3 different methods for the GPS Surveying. They are

  1. Setting up with internal antenna
  2. Setting up with external Radio or antenna
  3. Setting up with GSM modem

It will be described briefly how above mentioned system works.

1.Setting up with internal antenna

In this method the small “L” shaped antenna is fixed in the base and rover. The following photos shows typical internal antenna. The range of coverage  is around 2 km. This method is simple and fast but less coverage.

2. Setting up with external Radio or antenna

This method is used for long range surveys. The rover can receive signals more than 5km away. The following photos shows a typical external radio setup in base station.

radio full kit



3. Setting up with GSM modem

This is a new technology that uses mobile gsm  internet to establish connection between base and rover. Modern GPS/GNSS systems comes with smartpoles/rover only without base. There will be a single base setup somewhere. We just need only to insert
the mobile sim and do the settings to make the connection with base. It reduces the mess of carrying and setting up the base station. This method is simple, fast and used for even long range surveys. The following photos shows typical GPS modem.

smart rover kit

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