The Newest Trimble® TSC7 Controller

Trimble has announced its newest controller, which hits the market together with a new version of its field software, Access 2018.The Trimble® TSC7 controller integrates a tablet experience with with a physical keypad into survey workflows. Featuring a processor with plenty of power, it makes quick work of large projects and handles 3D data visualization and manipulation with ease.Big Screen.Giant Potential.

Trimble® TSC7, the rugged, ergonomic controller that delivers the power and flexibility of Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro and Trimble Access™ software on a seven-inch touch screen. This powerful combination unleashes unlimited potential for your workflow. With the TSC7, you don’t just get the big picture. You control it.


01 7-Inch Touchscreen

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The seven-inch screen
changes the way you work.

The Trimble TSC7’s seven-inch screen makes fieldwork more-efficient. Its stunning 1280 x 800-pixel display is easy to read, whether you’re working in rain, snow or bright daylight. Users can multitask by continuously displaying maps or video and forms side-by-side in Trimble Access 2018. It supports multi-touch gestures when you’re working without the stylus.

02 A backlit keypad

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A backlit keypad
makes fieldwork easy.

The TSC7 features a new, illuminated alphanumeric keypad with four-way directional input, laid out in a QWERTY or ABCD design.The keyboard can handle high data input with ease.The superior design is ideal for all-day fieldwork. It includes six physical function keys and an improved layout. And it clicks when you press the keys—even in cold weather or noisy environments, you get feedback as you work.

03 Improved Handling

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A superior design
for fatigue-free

When Trimble developed the new TSC7, we created multiple options before choosing an innovative, streamlined design. Dual ergonomic grip zones enable easy, safe handling and reduce fatigue while freeing one hand to type or carry another tool. The hand straps are easy to use and offer maximum comfort. An improved stylus stores inside the unit’s housing and includes a lanyard that can be attached to either side of the unit. The tilted keypad and screen face the user for easy viewing and protect the screen if dropped. And the redesigned pole mount is easy to clip on, take off and store.

04 Dual Cameras

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Dual cameras make you
a better multi-tasker.

When you work with the new TSC7, you can send and receive emails, access the Internet and hold face-to-face discussions via apps such as Skype, all while in the field. It’s made possible by the seven-inch display and two cameras—one field facing for documentation; the other front facing for communication. The rear camera has a flash. The front camera is supported by a noise-cancelling microphone.

05 Hot-Swappable Batteries

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Hot-swappable batteries
keep you running.

Every element of the Trimble TSC7 is designed to make life in the field easy. That’s even true of the batteries. They’re hot swappable; replacement takes about 30 seconds and you don’t lose connections to your survey instruments while doing so. The batteries keep you posted too: two LED light displays tell you how much power you have remaining. You can replace them under all types of weather conditions, no tool required.

06 Windows 10 & Intel Processor

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Processing speed and compatibility to handle any task.

The powerful TSC7 controller features the latest version of Trimble Access field software, a powerful Intel Pentium CPU 4200 2.0 GHz processor, and larger—8GB RAM/ 64GB—storage you can upgrade with an SDXC card. It makes quick work of big projects, handles 3D data viewing and manipulation with ease, and lets you process data while you’re still in the field.

It allows you to make informed decisions on the spot, verify work before heading back to the office, and get final deliverables to clients faster.

Windows 10 compatibility enables seamless integration into existing backend systems, so you can run any Trimble/third-party software, including popular Microsoft Office apps, while carrying out field operations.

Verizon and AT&T certified, the TSC7 also gives you full access to the Microsoft Windows store, downloads security updates to keep your device and data secure, and, since Windows is widely used and intuitive, it requires little additional training.

07 Connectability

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A powerful connection
for fast, productive
data collection.

The TSC7 connects you via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, a 4G modem connection, or with a robotic radio. In the office you can connect the TSC7 with a USB 3.0 hub to monitors, mouse, keypad, and LAN network. This eliminates the need for a laptop in the field.

It’s the ideal system for today’s mobile workers. Users can handle emails, video conferences, and make on-the-spot decisions, all while at the job site. All with a single device.

08 Interchangeable Modules

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Everything you need
for flexibility and performance.

The TSC7 offers a variety of ways to boost productivity. An office hub and an accessory cable enables quick data transfer from the controller to your computer. And you can easily extend the usefulness and adaptability of the system by adding any interchangeable Trimble EMPOWER modules. Simply choose the module that suits your workflow. Then swap it in when you need it. It only takes two screws, so users can make the change on the fly without the help of a service provider. The modules and features you can add include:

  • Robotic radio for controlling/communicating with total stations such as the Trimble S9 total station
  • Barcode reader
  • Barcode/RFID reader
  • Sub-meter GNSS receiver

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