Tough and rugged Trimble T10 Tablet


WHY Survey & GIS professionals typically use different devices for data collection and office processing tasks?

Because of Technial Limitations.

As we know Hanheld devices has small screen sizes, low processing power and short battery life, on the other hand Desktop computers are with big in size and weight, need more power and lacks ruggedness.

TRIMBEL T10 Tablet solves both issues so now you can make informed decisions faster and avoid missing data, do-overs and costly mistakes.

Trimble T10 Tablet

A data controller and field processor in one device for office workflow in the field. Yes its works with Windows 10 operating system. Now you can leave the laptop in the office! Read More

How to Calculate Scale Factor (in Land Surveying)

How to Calculate Scale Factor (in Land Surveying)

scale factor

A map projection provides a means of representing the curved surface of the earth on a plane surface so that coordinate grids can be defined and maps drawn. The relative positions of points on the grid are altered slightly from their ground positions as a result of using Transverse Mercator Projection to account for the curvature of the earth. The formula for the scale factor is

Scale Factor=Grid Distance/Measured Distance (at MSL)

For example take these two coordinates Read More

Temporary Adjustments of Total station

Temporary Adjustments of Total station

Adjustments which required to be made at every instrument station before making any observation. It can be done through following three procedures,

1.Centering the Total station over the station.
2.Levelling the Total station.
3.Elimination of parallax.


1.Centering the Total station over the station.


centering total stationlaser plummet

This include the Centering of the Total station over the ground mark and also approximate levelling with the help of Tripod legs. While centering, it is necessary to ensure the approximate levelness; otherwise the centering will be disturbed when subsequent Levelling of the instrument is done. It can be done either using a plum-bob or laser plummet.

2. Levelling the Total station

levelling total station

Accurate Levelling is done with the help of plate levels using levelling screws.Here the Vertical axis (plumb line)of the Total station is made truly vertical.

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